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STEAM Education Think Tank


Our Mission:

The "leaky pipeline" is a common analogy linked to the world and careers in the STEM field. Many students are exposed to the sciences throughout their K-12 education, and from that exposure, many children are fascinated by the world of science, technology, engineering, and math; however, where are all the STEM college graduates? Even more so, where are the female STEM college graduates and STEM college graduates of color?












This was our mission. We wanted to patch up that "leaky pipeline" that is constantly losing many students along the way. Our mission was to create culturally-relevant, curriculum-enriching, and downright interesting lessons that classroom teachers can take and put into use TODAY!

Our Goals:

Culturally-Responsive Pedagogy

Our team included multiple culturally-responsive certified educators. Therefore, each lesson was designed through a culturally-responsive lens. We have included links to research-based practices and strategies in each lesson. To learn more about Culturally-Responsive Pedagogy, be sure to read the Teacher Guide and/or click the arrow below for deeper learning!

Standards-Based Learning

Our team hopes these lessons will be used and enjoyed in many states across our nation. With this in mind, we designed each lesson to meet the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core Standards, and Virginia Department of Education Standards. Each lesson contains links to standards and outlines clear objectives and learning targets. To learn more about NGSS, click the arrow below!

Differentiated & Flexible for All Levels!

Every student learns differently, and every student has different needs; however, it is the role of the educator to create a space that engages all learners. While we are not in your classrooms, all of our lessons have been developed to fit all classrooms, K-12. We have outlined which grades are most appropriate; however, we do believe there is something for every teacher and every classroom! To learn more about differentiation, click the arrow below.



These lessons are FOR TEACHERS, BY TEACHERS! As real classroom teachers, we understand the necessity for accessible materials. Therefore, each lesson is a Google-Doc that is complete with downloadable and customizable worksheets. Additionally, each lesson is jammed pack with extension links and excellent resources. We, truly, catered our lessons to real teachers. Click the arrow below to get started!

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